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Useful Links

Educational Resources

flyrockets.com Created shortly after LDRS 22, this a site for very useful basic information about rocketry.

Model Rocket Maintenance and TechnologyA list of useful article about the history, theory, and construction of model rockets.

Vendor Links

Apogee Rockets A vendor of model rocketry supplies and software.

Loki Research Commercial reloadable rocket motors and research motor hardware and supplies.

Sirius Rocketry Supplier of rocket kits, parts, launch equipment, etc.

Aerospace Specialty Products Rockets kits, parts, launch equipment, motors, etc.

Knight Manufacturing High quality steel launch pads, made in the USA.

SpacecraftKits.com A manufacturer of laser-cut paper scale spacecraft models.

The Rocketarium Lots of scale, futuristic, and otherwise cool low power rocket kits.

LOC Precision High quality cardboard and plywood rocket kits, including high power kits.

Madcow Rocketry High quality fiberglass high power rocket kits.

Wildman Rocketry Another supplier of high quality fiberglass rocket kids and other supplies (ignighters, etc).

Chris' Rocketry Supplies Vendor of rocket kits, motors, and various supplies.

Missile Works Manufacturer of flight electronics, altimiters, trackers.

Additive Aerospace 3D Printed parts for high power rocketry.

BnB Rockets Challenging and unique rocket kits; located in Tulsa, OK

Other Useful Links

National Association of Rocketry The first and oldest national organization for rocketry.

NARAM (NAR's national launch was held at Walnut Grove in 2016!)

Rocketry Online For news, tips, vendors, and lots of other information.

Tripoli Rocketry Association (The organization our club belongs to)

Kloudbusters Tripoli club that flies in Argonia Kansas.

Tulsa Tripoli (TARA) launches the first Sunday of every month.